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Wow, Lani Minella... "in the five, five five five... The Hive is under attack!" I'm impressed with the voice acting.

Great atomosphere and game play. Unique and interesting.


You took a piece of a great game and turned it into something much less.

The controls are horrible and the AI is even worse.

good work

A few ideas, being able to buy and edit your own tiles, and more types of tiles including rare special tiles.

To stretch further, you can add in real RPG elements such as walking around on a map.

Good game, and how does scoring, experience and gold work? Killing the same guy seems to give different points on different tries.

Good try

But really, really really boring. Play some real rpg and see what you are lacking.

Nice game

Shooting one turret at a time is unique and adds to play, I personally won't want to see that changed. A lot of other shooters have turrets shoot simultaneously already. A way to tell level of each turret would be nice, and more types of guns would also make this more interesting. As for more turrets, I suggest a wall unit, stronger basic shooting tower like the machine gun or heavy cannon, etc.

Good work.


The amount of bugs in this game makes you wonder if anyone ever playtested the game before release. Many bugs including unceasing bombarding, shuttering music, animation freaking out makes the game very unpleasant. Most of all, for the twice that I attempted to play, there comes a point where the game is stuck and no options are available. All there left to do was to stare at the screen then close it down. IMO this is much like pre-alpha version than a demo.

Nice attempt but please fix the bugs.


Would be a great game if you fix the bugs, and there's tons of them... Did you playtest? T.T

BoMToons responds:

Didn't have a lot of time to test it for the original upload, but I just updated it. Please come back and check it out now.


hmmm, in the deathmatch, you can get the two tanks jump extra high or even hover in air like UFO's by try to jump with two tanks on top of one another.

cool game.


It's good, but you have a bug with the highscore. It takes the value of the last score, not the highest.


I think it's good. The only two things is the randomness of a character chosen from the group is annoying. you could set up it so that ppl with higher agi could be listed in an attack que list more frequent, point is, don't base whose turn it is on random.
Second thing is show boss hp.

catfriedrice responds:

"Second thing is show boss hp."

Press the button that says "DEMO"

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